Encode large amount of data in barcode

If you want to design barcode using Barcode Label Maker Software with large amount of data, use two dimensional barcode fonts instead of using linear fonts of excessive length.

Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning
Scannable Barcode
Scannable Barcode
Non-Scannable Barcode
Non-Scannable Barcode

Scannable Barcode Length

Here, we have designed Linear and 2D barcode Fonts with same barcode value:

Designed Barcode using DRPU Software

Above screen shows designed linear and 2D barcodes to encode large amount of data.

Scanning of Linear Barcodes:

Barcode Scanning to encode data

When we scan linear barcode, it reduces the readability of barcode, because it gets excessive in length.

Scanning of 2D barcodes :

Barcode Scanning to read data

Here, we have designed 2D barcodes with same value. When we scan 2D barcode, it will scan easily and can be affixed at any space.

It is advisable to use 2D barcode to encode large amount of data.

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