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Barcode Scanner


Barcode Scanner is an electronic device used to read printed barcodes. A scanner reads the barcode by distinguishing the difference between the intensity of light from bars and spaces that forms analogue signal. This analogue signal is converted into digital signal which is then decoded to read information. Barcode Scanner mainly consists of three parts:

  • illumination System: illuminates the code with red color light.
  • Sensor / Converter: detect the intensity of light reflected from illuminating system and generates analogue signal corresponding to that. Converter converts analogue signal to digital signal.
  • Decoder: lastly decoder feed with digital signal to decode the information of barcode.

Scanning of barcode used in different applications:

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner is used to scan the information of a product to control and manage inventory system.

Scanning labels on package
The scan information is copied to the open application. For eg: here, we have opened MS-Excel file.
Scanning Barcode
Scanning of barcode to decode packaging and distribution information of carton to track product status.

Scanning barcode label
Here, the scan information is transferred to Notepad. You can also transfer scan information to MS-Word, MS-Excel, Google, WordPad etc.