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Scannable Barcode length

Scannable Barcode Length While designing your barcode, keep in mind the length of barcode should not be too large, as scanner is not able to scan the information encoded in large barcode. In order to encode large information in your barcode, it is good choice to use 2D barcode instead of long length linear barcode.

How to Copy and export barcode?

Copy and Export Barcode Our Barcode label maker software provides facility to copy designed barcode and paste it on different applications including Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel etc. You can also export series of your designed barcode labels in various image formats like png, gif, pdf, jpg, bmp, tiff etc.

Barcode Color Guide

Barcode Color Guide In order to design colorful barcode, you must keep in mind the color contrast of barcode label to scan it properly. It is preferable to design dark color barcode on light color background. Black barcode on white background is the best possible contrast.


Barcode Printer and scanner
  • How many characters can fit into a barcode? It depends on the type of barcode you are using that how many characters a barcode can hold. For eg:
    • PDF417 barcode can store approximately 2000 characters.
    • DataMatrix is a 2D barcode that can hold from 1 to about 2,000 characters.
    • MaxiCode is a fixed-size code that stores up to 93 data characters.
  • In which format should I generate my barcode? You can generate your barcode images in any format including JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PDF, EMF, WMF.

  • Can the 2D scanner read my 1D linear codes also? Yes, 2D scanner can read Linear as well as 2D barcode images to decode the data stored in it.
  • What is the advantage of 2D barcodes over linear or 1D barcodes? 2D barcodes can store data in horizontal (x-axis) as well as in vertical (y-axis) direction. Thus more information can be placed in small barcode label.
  • Can software resume barcode designing process? Yes, software provides the functionality to save barcode log that can be used later to design, redesign, email as well as print barcode labels as per requirement.
  • What does 'DPI' mean? DPI stands for Dots per Inch is a measure of printer resolution. Higher the number, finer will be the print. In our software, there is an option in Image Settings to select Clipboard Image Type either ‘Bitmap’ or ‘Resolution Independent Metafile’. In case of Bitmap as Image DPI value increases, quality of image with size increases but in case of Resolution Independent Metafile, there will be no effect of DPI value variation.

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