Copy and Paste Barcode on different applications

Barcode Label Maker software – Corporate Edition generates linear or 2D barcode images using barcode value, general settings, font settings etc with copy and paste feature.

Copy and Paste
Pasted on MS-Word
Copy and Paste on different application
Copy and Paste Feature Pasted on MS-Word Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste Barcode

We have already discussed about how to generate barcodes with different barcode type and technologies using Barcode Designing View and Barcode Settings as per your industry. Software provides option to copy and paste designed barcode in MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Paint etc. You just need to follow these steps:-


Barcode Settings Procedure:


Barcode Settings

Design linear or 2D barcode font images using barcode settings as shown in above screen.

Copy Barcode:

Copy Barcode

After designing your barcodes you can easily copy barcode using Copy button from above toolbar (refer above screen).

Paste Barcode on MS-Word:

Paste Barcode on MS-Word

Paste your copied barcode on MS-Office application accordingly. You can see example of MS-Word in above screenshot.

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