Barcode Designing View Procedure

DRPU Barcode Software – Corporate Edition provides solution to design printable barcode with barcode designing view. Barcode designing view option allows you to generate barcode labels using different designing objects including text, pictures, signatures and other drawing tools.

Barcode Designing View
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Barcode Designing View Design and Print Barcode Barcode Scanning

Barcode Designing View

You can design and print your barcode labels using any of the following designing methods - Barcode Settings or Barcode Designing View.

Barcode Designing View Procedure

Below we have provided barcode generating procedure which helps you to understand how to design printable barcode using barcode designing view method.

Barcode Designing View

Go to barcode designing view tab, following screen will be appear:

DRPU Barcode Software

In Barcode Designing View, set card properties like card shapes (rectangle, rounded rectangle and Ellipse), card name and size (height and width), card type, border etc. as per choice.

Drawing Tools

There are many different options available in Drawing Tools from Barcode Designing View to design barcode labels. These are:

Text - Add Text to the label.

Picture - Add Picture to the label.

Signature - Add Signature on the label.

Library Image - Insert Image from library on the Card.

Water Mark - Add Watermark on the label.

Custom Shapes - Add custom shapes on the label. There are different pre defined shapes are available.

Barcode Properties

Click on Barcode icon from Drawing Tools to insert barcode on the label.

Barcode Properties

Default Barcode appears on the card as shown in above screenshot. Double click on inserted barcode, following Barcode Properties window will be appear as shown in below screenshot.

Barcode Properties window includes following tabs –

1. Value Tab

2. Size Tab

3. Font Tab

4. Color Tab

Select Barcode Technology and Type

Choose barcode technologies and type (e.g. Linear barcode and UPCA Barcode Font for demonstration) as shown in above screenshot.

1. Using Value Tab, you can set barcode header, footer and value etc. according to your need. You also have an option to hide and show barcode header, footer and value by check and uncheck given options.

Barcode Label Maker Software

2. Using Size Tab, You can adjust bar height, density, top and bottom margin, left and right margin, Barcode Header Margin, Barcode Footer Margin and Barcode Value margin.

Barcode Font Settings

3. From Font Tab, you have an option to set font, font style and font size etc. of Barcode Header, Barcode Footer and Barcode value.

Barcode Font Settings

4. Using Color Tab, you can set barcode header, footer, value color, barcode color and barcode background color as per need. You can also set transparency of barcode by choosing set transparent option.

Add Shapes

Barcode generator software

Different shapes are available in barcode designing view option as shown above, add shapes on barcode label according to your designing need.

DRPU Barcode software facilitates user to design multiple barcodes on same label.

Print Settings

With Print Settings you can print your designed barcode label. DRPU Barcode Software provides two Printing Modes:

Pre Define Label Stock print mode or

Manual print mode.

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