Send Barcode Via E-mail

DRPU Barcode Maker Software – Corporate Edition provides solution to send designed barcode labels at specified email address with advanced Email Settings. Using this email feature you can send generated barcodes to individual or group of user with batch processing technique.


Send Barcode via E-mail
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Send Barcode via E-mail Application Area Barcode Stationery

E-mail Settings

Design barcode labels using DRPU Barcode Software with any of the following methods.

Barcode Settings

Barcode Designing View

Want to send barcode via E-mail? DRPU Barcode Software – Corporate Edition allows you to send designed barcodes easily at any E-mail id with inbuilt E-mail Settings.

Email Sending Procedure

To send barcode via E-mail, just follow few easy barcode sending steps as shown below:

Email Settings

Click on “Mail” icon shown in tool bar from Barcode Settings or Barcode Designing View, Send Mail window will be appear:

Send Barcode via E-Mail

Enable “Send multiple mail individually” option to send bulk numbers of mail separately. If you want to delay or pause mail delivery at specific time interval, then select 'Delayed Delivery Options' checkbox with specifying the Number of mails and Time interval (hour, minute and second).

Sender Email ID Settings

To set sender details, Click on settings option, following window will be appear –

Sender E-mail ID Settings

Fill Sender Information (Sender name, password and Sender Email ID) and Server Information (SMTP Server, Port number, type of encrypted connection and enable SSL).

Enter Test E-mail Address and send test mail to check configured email settings. Then click on “Save” button to save these settings.

Add Recipient Email Address

Add Recipient E-mail Address

You can add recipient Email IDs manually (to use multiple email addresses, separate it using comma) or You can import E-mail ID from Excel file to send mail by clicking on “Browse Excel File” button.

Barcode Sending Settings

To send mail with batch processing series enable Mail Current Barcode option and click on “Barcode Sending Settings” button, following window will be appear:

Barcode Sending Settings

Check Send mail with Batch Processing Series option.

There are two options for sending email

  • Enable “All Barcode to Every recipient” option if you need to send entire designed barcode to every email ID.
  • Enable “One Barcode Per Recipient” option if you want to mail one barcode to corresponding email address.

Note: - Print Quality Option is used to select different DPI (Dot per Inch) for image printing.

Now click on “OK” and then "Send" button to send barcodes.

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