Mac OS X Barcode Maker Software

DRPU Barcode software for Mac OS X designs and prints bulk number of barcodes with major Linear and 2D barcode fonts like UPCA, MICR, QR code etc to fulfill various industry needs.

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Mac Barcode Software
Barcode Features
MAC OS X Program
Barcode Settings Barcode Features MAC OS X Program

Mac Barcode Software

Barcode Settings Procedure

Download and Install our Macintosh OS X supported DRPU Barcode Maker Software to design barcode labels according to your business requirements.

Barcode Technology and Type

Mac Barcode Settings

Run Mac OS X Barcode Maker Software and choose barcode symbology (linear or 2D barcode) with its font type. Here, we have selected UPCA linear font for demonstration. Set barcode value, header, footer and other settings as per need.

Font Settings

MAC Font Settings

Set font family, font style and font size for your barcode value, header and footer using 'font' tab. Similarly, you can edit color and image settings of barcode.

Import file

Import list via MAC OS X

You can import barcode value list either from text file or CSV file. To import value list, go to Import List button from bottom as shown in above screen.

Barcode Batch Process

MAC OS Barcode Batch Process

Click on Barcode Batch Process button from left panel to generate multiple barcodes. You will get three options (Sequential series, Constant value series and Random series) to Create Header List and Create Value List, choose any one of them to proceed. You can also import list using Import Header List and Import Footer List option.

Copy Barcode

Copy Barcode with Mac

Click on 'Copy Barcode' to copy created barcode and paste it on any desired applications like MS-Paint, MS-Word etc.

Save Barcode

Save Barcode for MAC

You can also save your created barcode list on any PC location, by clicking on 'Save Barcode' button.

Save Image Format

Set Save image format

Specify image format (like JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, GIF etc.) in which you want to save your created barcode as shown in above screenshot.

Saved Barcode Images

Saved barcode

Above screenshot shows your saved barcode images with specified file format.

Print Settings

Print Barcodes via Mac barcode Software

Go to print settings options, to print your created barcode. Set all print attributes like number of rows and columns, margins, barcode space, printer and paper used as per choice to proceed.

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