Manual Print Settings

In Manual Print Mode, You can set number of rows and columns, different margins (left-right, top-bottom), label width and height along with barcode spaces as per requirement. Set printer and change paper settings including paper size and orientation, if required. Print Preview facility is also available to avoid printing mistakes.


Manual Print Settings
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Manual Print Settings

Design your printable barcode using either Barcode settings or Barcode designing view method of barcode software. After designing barcode labels according to your industry requirement, you can now print using printing settings. Software has two printing modes – Pre define label stock or Manual.

Below we have explained step by step procedure to print designed barcode using manual print mode from barcode settings.

Manual Printing Mode :

Click on print icon from toolbar and choose manual print option as shown in below screen:

Manual Printing Settings
Select printer and change page as per your requirement.

Page Setup :

Change page
Set page in which you want to take print of designed barcode. To change page click on ‘Change page’ button and choose desired paper along with orientation.

Set printing option :

Increse rows and columns counter
According to your selected paper, now you need to set rows and columns and label margins (Height and Width) manually.

Set Alignment on sheet:

Margin Adjustment
To align barcode images properly on selected paper either set left, top margins, barcode horizontal and Vertical spaces manually or just check ‘Auto (center)‘ option. Now press 'Print' button to start printing.
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