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DRPU Barcode Software provides facility to design and print barcode labels easily. With Custom Label product option from Pre Define Label Stock Print mode, you can save your label details for future printing process.

Custom Settings
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Pre Define label Stock - Custom Settings

Pre Define label Stock - Custom Settings Video Tutorial

We have already designed barcode label using either Barcode Settings or Barcode Designing View methodology.

Now you can print your designed barcode label using print settings. Software has 2 printing modes –

Pre Define Label Stock, and

Manual print

Here we are going to discuss how to save your own print settings in Pre Define Label Stock Print Mode. In Pre Define Label Stock Print Mode, there is a Custom option which provides facility to save customized Label product details for future usage.

Custom Settings (Pre Define Label Stock Print Mode)

If you want to set and save your own label settings, Click on print icon from tool bar, Go to pre define label stock print mode and choose “Custom” label product option as shown in below figure.

Choose "Custom" Label Product

Barcode Label maker Software

In Custom, you have an option to set your own label details (like columns, rows, margin, height, width, orientation etc.) according to your business requirement.

Print Settings

Now Click on “Save” button and set product number (like e.g. My Product 001) as per choice to save custom Label Details.

Print generated Barcode

Above screenshot shows that your custom settings is now saved in product number (e.g. My Product 001).

Select Printer

Barcode Printer option

Choose Printer, which you want to use for printing barcode label and set other print options.

Setup Page

If you want to change your page, then click on “Change Page” button, “Page Setup” window will be appear as shown below.

Page Setup

In Page Setup window, you have an option to set paper as per choice to print designed barcode label. After settings all print options accordingly, click on “Print” button to start final printing process.

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