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DRPU Barcode Software – Corporate Edition facilitates user to design and print barcode labels with different shape and size. Software provides advanced print settings with two printing modes – Pre Define label Stock and Manual. You can choose any printing option as per your requirements.

Print Setting Modes
Printed Sheets
Printed Rolls and Labels
Print Setting Modes Printed Sheets Printed Rolls and Labels

Print Settings

To print designed barcodes, software has two printing modes:

1. Pre Define Label Stock Print Settings:

In Pre Define Label Stock Print Settings, there are various in-built label products that are supported by our software. For eg:- Ace-label, A-ONE, APLI, Avery A4, Formtec and Unistat etc. Choose label product along with product number according to your business requirement. On selecting desired label product, Pre Defined Label details of that particular product will be fetch automatically including columns and row, width and height, margins, paper used, orientation etc. You only need to set printer of your choice. Print Preview facility is also available to avoid printing mistakes.

To understand full functionality of the pre define label stock module. Go to

In Pre define label stock option, there is an another option of Custom Settings.

Custom Print Settings:

If your label product is not available in Predefined label stock, select Custom option and set print settings as per your media (sheets or rolls). You can also adjust various settings like margin settings, label width, height etc. Software offers enhance feature to save custom settings for future use.

Step by step procedure through screenshots has been discussed to determine how to save custom settings. Go to

2. Manual Print Settings:

In Manual Print Settings set label as well as printer settings according to your requirement. You will get different wizards when you go to manual option from Barcode Settings Module or Barcode Designing View Module. In case of Manual option via Barcode Settings module, you need to set number of rows, columns, margins, label margins and barcode spaces (Horizontal and Vertical) along with printer and page settings. On the other hand, Manual settings via Barcode Designing View enables you to set page properties using Add or Edit button. You can also adjust vertical and horizontal margins between labels.

To completely understand manual printing module of DRPU Barcode Software - Corporate Edition, Go to
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