Manual Print Option

In Manual Print Settings option, set vertical and horizontal margins between labels along with print options like printer, paper used, total labels, maximum labels per page. You can change page properties (paper, orientation, width, height etc.) using edit button.

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Manual Print Option

Designed Barcode : With the help of DRPU software, barcode label can be design using either Barcode Designing View panel or Barcode Settings panel. Here, "Manual print settings" is displayed with Barcode Designing View:

Designed Barcode
Above screenshot displays designed barcode using DRPU Software in Designing view. Click on print icon from toolbar to proceed.

Barcode Printing :

Barcode Printing
Now, choose one of the print options. Here, manual option is selected. In Manual mode, by default one label will appear at the top corner. Increase the Label counter as per requirement. Note: Maximum labels per page depends on the label dimension and type of paper used.

Select Printer :

Printer settings
Now choose your printer from print option. You will get default settings of selected printer. If you want to change default settings then go to 'Edit' option. Otherwise press 'Print' button to proceed.

Edit Default Settings :

Manual printing option
On clicking 'Edit' option, you need to select printer first.

Page Setup :

Page Settings
Now set paper, orientation and different margins as per need. Note: In similar manner, you can also add your printer settings for later use as well as delete you settings.

Adjust Horizontal and Vertical space :

Printing Settings
Add Horizontal and Vertical margins between labels. You can print preview your settings to avoid printing errors. Finally, press 'Print' button to print your labels.

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