Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner also called barcode reader is a device to read encoded information of barcode. There are various types of barcode scanners available in the market. Most commonly used scanners are:

  • Pen Scanners
  • Laser Scanners
  • CCD Scanners
  • 2D Scanners
  • Mobile Device Scanners etc.
Pen Scanner
Laser Scanner
2D Camera Scanner
Pen Scanner Laser Scanner 2D Camera Scanner

Types of Barcode Scanner

1. Pen Barcode Scanner:

Pen Barcode Scanner

Pen-type scanners contain photodiode and light source (LED) in its tip. Light illuminates the white and black bars of barcode, when the tip moves over it. To determine the width and color of each bar of barcode, photodiode measures the intensity of reflected light from white spaces and bars.White bars of the barcode reflect back the light and dark bars absorb the light, this form the waveform that is decoded by scanner.

2. Laser Barcode Scanner:

Laser Barcode Scanner

Laser Scanners are slightly advanced than pen-type scanners. It consists of Light source (laser beam) that provides more exact light readings which is helpful to avoid scanning errors. Scanner unit consist of laser, mirror and diode device. When Laser beam shot on mirror, mirror moves for sweeping laser beam across the barcode. Lights get reflect back to diode, to measure level of reflection. Reflected light is then converted into digital signal to read the barcode.

3. CCD Barcode Scanner:

CCD Barcode Scanner

CCD Scanner stands for charge coupled device also called LED scanner. It consists of multiples (about hundreds) of tiny light sensors that are arranged in a single row. When light shots on barcode directly, sensor measure reflection as well as voltage of light corresponding to each sensor. Voltage measurement is converted into digital snapshot of barcode. CCD Scanners are expensive then laser and pen-type scanner but are highly accurate to decode barcode information.

4. 2D Camera Barcode Scanner:

2D Camera Barcode Scanner

2D Camera image scanner uses small video camera to capture 2D barcode images. Video camera consists of many tiny light sensors like CCD scanners that are arranged in multiple rows (two dimensional arrays). When light shots on the barcode, diode takes digital picture of it that is sent to software as digital signal. Software decodes the information of 2D barcode images.

5. Mobile Device Barcode Scanner:

Mobile Device Barcode Scanner

Mobile device barcode scanners are most commonly used scanners of today. These types of scanners are very easy to operate. You just need to download barcode scanner app on your mobile phone device to make it enable to scan barcode on products, articles, ID cards etc.

Other commonly used Barcode Scanners are:

Different types of barcode scanner
  • Handheld Scanner: consist of handle and trigger button to switch on the light source.
  • Stationary Scanner: table-mounted or wall-mounted scanner that are mainly used at checkout counters of supermarkets or retailers.
  • PDA Scanner: It is a PDA with attached barcode scanner or in-built barcode reader.
  • Wireless Scanner: Wireless also known as cordless scanner that is operated by battery fitted inside it.