Mobile Device Barcode Scanner

To enable your mobile device (mobile phone, smartphone, tablet etc.) to decode barcode data information, you need to install barcode scanner application. There are various types of barcode scanner applications available on the internet, choose any one according to your requirement and download it to install on your mobile.

Barcode Placement
Decoded Value with Details
Web Search option
Barcode Placement Decoded Value with Details Web Search option

Working Procedure of Mobile Device Barcode Scanner

Follow these steps to read barcode information using mobile device barcode scanner : -

Barcode Placement :

Scanning Barcode
Run your barcode scanner application and place your mobile device on the barcode. Make sure barcode must be placed inside the viewfinder rectangle area to scan it.

Decode Barcode value :

Decoded Value and Details
As soon as barcode get placed in viewfinder rectangle, its value with other details will be displayed. You can search related information on the web as well. Note: You may get different number of options (shown in above screen - Product search, Web search) according to the barcode font type.

Search details on Web :

Search Details on Web
Go to Web search option to search details corresponding to the value decoded by barcode scanner application.

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