Thermal Printer Advantages

  • High Quality printing
  • Fast Up to 12 in./sec
  • Noise Free
  • Lighter in size
  • Power efficient

Label Rolls
Thermal printer
Printed thermal roll
Label Rolls Thermal Printer Printed Rolls

Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer is a type of printer that produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermal paper, when the paper passes over the thermal print head. The coating turns black where it is heated, which then generate a graphic.

Choose your Thermal Label Roll :

Thermal Rolls
Choose thermal roll according to your designed barcode label dimension.

Set Thermal Roll :

Open the slides
Open the slides to place thermal roll inside it.

Adjust black notches
Now adjust black notches neither too loose nor too tight by rotating the dial.
Set thermal roll
After placing thermal roll in the printer properly, close the printer head.
Close printer
On closing the thermal printer head orange light turns into green light that indicate printer is ready to use.

Designed Barcode using Software :

Designed Barcode using Software
Go to print option from toolbar of the software to print your designed barcode label.

Software Screen :

Software screen
On clicking print option, the following screen will appear. Choose one of the print options – Manual or Pre define Label Stock. In manual print option set all needed fields according to your requirements and click on print button. In case of another option, you have to select Label product with its product number. You may also print preview your settings to avoid printing errors.

Printing Barcode Roll :

Thermal Printer
Image showing printing of designed barcode labels.

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