Reading QR Code

Computers cannot read barcode data directly. A device that reads or captures the barcode information and sends it to the decoder is known as barcode scanner. To scan QR Code you can use any type of scanner as well as barcode scanner apps installed Android device.

Android device Scanner
Laser QR Scanner
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Reading QR Code

Design and Print QR Code

First, you need to design QR Code with barcode settings or barcode designing view method accordingly. After generating QR code, Barcode software facilitates you to print single barcode or multiple barcodes using Pre define label stock mode or Manual mode.

Scan QR Code:

Scan QR Code

Now apply your QR Code on your product tag, business card etc. where you want to use it and Scan it with Barcode Scanner to read data. QR code designed by DRPU Barcode Software can be easily scanned by any types of barcode scanner as shown in above screen.

Scan with smart phone

You can also use your Android device with installed barcode scanner apps to read QR Code.

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