Use of Databar Stacked Barcode Font

Create Databar Stacked 2D barcode symbology with the help of DRPU Barcode Generator tool. Software is equipped with inbuilt email settings, print settings and batch processing features etc. You can design large number of barcodes easily using Batch Processing. Email settings option enables you to send designed barcodes on specified email id.


Application Area : Generally, used in healthcare items.

Sample of Barcode
Sample of Barcode
Barcode printing Process
Barcode printing Process
Application Area
Application Area

Databar Stacked Barcode Font

Sample of Databar Stacked Barcode Font



Sample of Databar Stacked Barcode Font

Sample of Databar Stacked Barcode Font designed using DRPU Barcode Software.



Designing Procedure

There are two panels of DRPU Label Maker Software: Barcode Settings and Barcode Designing View . Here, we are going to design Databar Stacked 2D Barcode Font using Barcode Designing View.



Select Barcode Technologies and Type :

Go to drawing tools from toolbar and click on barcode icon to add it on your label. To alter the properties of inserted barcode double click on it.

Design Databar Stacked Barcode Font

Enable barcode technology and choose font type (2D barcode and Databar Stacked barcode font). Set barcode header, footer, value and composite data etc. as per choice.

Set Margins :

Adjust Barcode Size and Margins

Using size tab, you can adjust different margins, bar height, X-dimension etc according to your need.

Specify Barcode Label Shape and Size :

Barcode Designing process

Above screenshot shows sample of Databar Stacked barcode font designed using DRPU software. Set shape, size (Height and width) and border etc. accordingly.

Barcode Printing process

Print your designed barcode label using print settings of the software. Go to toolbar and click on print icon. We provide two modes of printing:


Manual Print Settings :

Print Barcodes with Manual Print Settings

Manual Print Mode – In this mode, you can manually set different printing options like paper, orientation, height, width etc. by clicking on Edit button. Set margin between labels, printer and press “Print” button to start printing process.


Barcode Thermal Printer Process :

Thermal Printer Printing

Above screenshot shows printing process of Databar Stacked barcode font designed using DRPU Barcode Software with the help of Thermal Printer.

Barcode Label Scanning process :

Barcode Scanner

Scan designed Databar Stacked barcode font using Barcode Scanner as shown above.

Print your designed Databar Stacked barcode font using Pre Define Label Stock printing method.

Pre Define Label Stock Print Settings :

Print designed barcode with Pre Define Label Stock

Pre Define Label Stock Print Mode – Provide different pre defined labels details (e.g. Avery A4, Hisago, Avery US Letter, Ace Label etc.) to print designed barcode. Choose label product and set other print options then click on “Print” Button.


Barcode Laser Printer Printing Process :

Laser Printer Barcode Printing Process

Databar Stacked barcode font sheet that is printed using Laser Printer. Choose printer according to your choice.


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