Batch Processing with Barcode Settings

With batch processing technique in barcode settings you can design and print series of barcodes easily. DRPU Barcode Software provides facility to generate barcode list using sequential series, random series and constant value series.

Batch Processing Settings
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Batch Processing Settings Designed Barcode Tag Barcode Sheets

Batch Processing with Barcode Settings

In Batch Processing, software provides two methods:

→ Batch Processing with Barcode Settings

Batch Processing with Barcode Designing View

Now we are going to discuss about Batch Processing with Barcode Settings.

Batch Processing with Barcode Settings Procedure

DRPU Barcode Software with advanced batch processing feature allows you to design and print bulk number of barcodes from barcode settings. Below we have explained step by step procedure about how to design series of printable barcodes with batch processing technique.

Create Barcode Value List

Click on “Create List” option, following window will be appear :

Create Barcode List

With this window, you can create list of barcode value using Sequential Series, Constant Value Series and Random Series. Click on “OK” button to generate list.

Create Barcode Header List


Create header list

In order to create list of barcode header, 'check' Create Barcode Header List option and choose list generating method such as Sequential, Constant value and Random series and fill details.Here, Sequential Series option is chosen. Write optional Prefix and Suffix value along with required start value (in ‘From’ field) and end value (in ‘To’ field).

Create Barcode Footer List


Create footer list with Batch Processing

You can also create list of footer, by choosing Create Barcode Footer List option and select list creation process (sequential, constant value or random series) accordingly. Here constant value series option has been chosen.Enter barcode value and number of barcode count as required.

Batch Processing Settings

Now your list of barcode value, header and footer is created, you can see created list in data sheet as shown in below screen.

Batch Processing with Barcode Settings

Select barcode technologies and type (e.g Linear barcode and UPCA barcode font). Now barcode list is ready to print. In batch processing with barcode settings, you have an option to import list from excel or text file and export barcode list in excel file format.

Print Generated Barcode List

You can print list of barcodes using any of the following print settings mode:

Pre Define label Stock Print Mode - You have an option to choose Pre Define Label Product and product number (like Avery A4, Ace Label, Hisago etc.) according to your labeling need.

Manual Print Mode - You can manually set rows and columns, margins, horizontal and vertical space and other printing options.

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