About Codabar Barcode Font

Self- Checking Codabar Barcodes are constructed from four bars and three spaces. Codabar linear symbology consists of digits (0-9), start/stop characters (a, b, c, d) and special characters (. : / + - $).

Application Area : Widely used in libraries, photo labs, medical, package delivery industry, Airbills and a variety of other information processing applications.

Sample of Codabar Barcode Font
Codabar Font Application area
Printing Codabar Font Labels
Sample of Codabar Barcode Font Application area Printing Codabar Labels

Codabar Barcode Font

Sample of Codabar Barcode Font

Codabar Barcode Font Sample

Sample of Codabar Barcode Font designed using DRPU Corporate Edition Barcode Software.

Designing Procedure:

We will discuss how to design label using DRPU Barcode Software with Barcode Designing View module. You can also design barcode labels using Barcode Settings module of Software. First go to Barcode Designing View tab and insert barcode from drawing tools given at the toolbar by clicking on barcode icon. To set barcode properties double click on inserted barcode. Step-by-step process of designing Codabar Barcode Font is showing below:

Select Barcode Technologies and Type :

Design Codabar Font

First select barcode type (linear or 2D) and font (Codabar Font) then set barcode value, header and footer etc. accordingly as shown in above screenshot.

Set Margins :

Barcode Software Codabar Font

Here, you can set bar height, density and various margins according to your sheet.

Specify Card Shape and Size :

Adjust Size for Codabar Barcode

Specify Card dimension (height and width), shape, card name etc. from card properties to design Codabar barcode label.

Printing Procedure:

There are two modes of printing: Pre Define Label Stock and Manual mode. Both types of printing are explained below.

Manual Print Settings:

Print designed Codabar barcode font sample using Manual Mode.

Manual Printing Process

Print your designed barcode label by setting page properties using edit button, margins between labels and other print options manually using Manual print mode (for demonstration purpose thermal printer is used here).


Printing Barcode Labels :

Codabar Barcode Labels

After clicking on print button, barcode thermal printer will print your designed barcode labels as per your settings. Now you can use these barcode labels for your specific industry.

Codabar Font Scanning Process :

Scan Codabar Font


Finally you can scan your ready to use barcode font label with any types of scanner.

You can also print your designed Codabar Barcode Font using Pre define label stock mode.

Pre define Label Stock Print Settings :

Design Codabar Barcode Font image (as discussed in above steps) and print using Pre Define Label Stock Mode.

Pre define Label Stocks

Choose Print mode with specific Label product (e.g. Avery Zweckform) and Product number (e.g. 3671). After that set printer and click on Print button to proceed.

Printed Barcode Sheet :

Print Codabar Font Sheet

In above screen, you can see printed Codabar barcode sheet using Laser Printer (for demonstration purpose).

Download Trial Version of Barcode Maker - Corporate Edition Software: