Code 128 Barcode Font

Code 128 Symbology contains numeric digits, 1 check character, variable symbol length, 107 unique characters, encode all 128 characters etc. Code 128 linear barcode font has been commonly implemented in many industries to encode large amount of data in small amount of space.

Sample of Barcode
Designing Barcode
Print designed Barcode
Sample of Barcode Designing Barcode Print designed Barcode

Code 128 Barcode Font

Sample of Code 128 Barcode Font

Sample of Code 128 Barcode Font

Sample of Code 128 Barcode Font designed using DRPU Barcode Software.

There are two ways to create your barcode label either using Barcode Settings or Barcode Designing View. Here, for demonstration purpose we are using Barcode Designing View to design barcode label.

Designing Procedure

Below we have provided step by step designing procedure of Code 128 Barcode Font using DRPU Barcode Software.

First go to barcode designing view tab then insert barcode by clicking on barcode icon from drawing tools. To open barcode properties window, double click on default barcode.

Select Barcode Technologies and Type :

Design Code 128 Barcode Font

Enable barcode type (Linear Barcode) and choose barcode Font (Code 128 barcode font). Specify Barcode value, Barcode header and Barcode Footer etc. as per choice. You can also hide Barcode header, footer and value by using related check box.

Set Margins :

Size and Margins adjustments

Set bar height, density and different margins of designed barcode as required using size tab of Barcode properties window.

Specify Barcode Label Shape and Size :

Barcode Designing View

Specify shape of barcode label and also set height and width, card name etc. using card properties.

Barcode Printing process

Print window will be appear by clicking on Print icon from tool bar. Choose print mode either Pre Define Label Stock or Manual as per choice.

Manual Print Settings

Manual Print Settings

Select Manual Print Mode, you can set paper, orientation, height, width, margins etc. manually using Edit button of print profile. Select printer and start printing designed barcode label by clicking on “Print” button.

Barcode Thermal Printer Process :

Printing Barcode Label

Designed code 128 barcode label is printed using Thermal Printer.

Barcode Label Scanning process :

Barcode Label Scanning process

Code 128 Barcode font designed using DRPU Barcode Software is now ready to use. You can scan generated barcode using barcode scanner.

Select another print settings option (Pre Define Label Stock) to print designed Code 128 Barcode font.

Pre Define Label Stock Print Settings :

Pre Define Label Stock Print Settings

Enable Pre Define Label Stock Print Mode, set predefined Label product along with product number and choose printer as per requirement then press “Print” button.

Barcode Laser Printer Printing Process :

Barcode laser Printer Printing Process

Above screenshot shows printed designed Code 128 barcode label sheet with the help of Laser Printer.


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